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รีวิว Universal Studios Japan ภาษาไทย คลิกอ่านที่นี่

Universal Studios Japan or USJ is a dream theme park for everyone because there are characters from their beloved movies such as Harry Potter, Minion, Spiderman, and many more. I insist you’ll be overjoyed taking pictures, and the rides are extremely fun. For those who like thrilling rides, you should come here, haha.

If you guys want to know how cool Universal Studio Japans or USJ is. Let’s read the entire review which includes full details of plan preparation such as; buying tickets, highlight rides, and how I finish all of the rides in one day. Please read and follow!

How to prepare yourself before traveling to Universal Studios Japan : USJ

You all may be wondering about whether we really need to prepare for the Universal Studios Japan: USJ trip? Well, I think you need to, because the admission ticket along with the Express Pass, it costs over 30 USD. You have to pay quite an amount of money, so I suggest you to roughly plan it. You will be able to get into the highlight rides for a good value. In this review, I’ll show you guys all about Universal Studios Japan (USJ). Let’s read this considerable info.

Where should I buy a USJ ticket and Express Pass?

If you ever read the travel reviews on HASHCORNER, you may already know that most of the activity tickets I used were bought from KLOOK because it’s very convenient. Everything is done via the mobile app, from the purchase, voucher usage, to various tickets or passes. The cool thing about KLOOK is; they have many options that fascinates me, so I never buy any tickets from the other agencies anymore.

⚡️ So, in this review, Universal Studios Japan (USJ) admission tickets, Express Pass 4 or 7, USJ VIP Wristband Special Entry, and shopping vouchers from the park stores are all purchased from KLOOK. if you’re done purchasing a selected item, you’ll receive an E-ticket in the form of a QR Code. You just open the voucher KLOOK send you via email or mobile app to the staff, they will scan it, then you don’t have to queue up to exchange tickets anymore. That’s it. Oh, but don’t forget! There is a KLOOK discount updated monthly. You can check the KLOOK discount code here, it helps to save your budget a lot. > Click to see KLOOK Discounts

  1. Universal Studios Japan (USJ) admission ticket
  2. Express Pass 4 or 7
  3. USJ VIP Wristband Special Entry
  4. Store shopping coupons in Universal Studios Japan (USJ)

1.) Universal Studios Japan (USJ) admission ticket

It’s certainly everyone has to buy a USJ admission ticket otherwise you can’t get in the theme park LOL. Anyone wishing to buy tickets through KLOOK like me, viewing on the website might look a bit confusing because it shows many different types, from Universal Studios Japan (USJ) ticket alone to the Combo Pack with many more tickets. For those who decide to buy more options than the entrance ticket, I suggest you consider the Combo Pack as KLOOK sometimes will frequently reduce the price (But sometimes the Combo Pack price is equal when buying separately. Must carefully check out).

⚡️ How to buy tickets: There will be ticket types like Ticket A / Ticket B / Ticket C, and the prices are varied depending on the season. (The information based on the Universal Studios Japan (USJ) website which can check from this link > https://www.usj.co.jp)

List of  Universal Studios Japan (USJ) admission tickets. There are too many types of choices!

  1. Universal Studios Japan™ 1 Day E-Ticket
    Click to buy at http://bit.ly/2tBfEXG | USJ pass for 1 whole day
  2. Universal Studios Japan™ 1.5 Day E-Ticket
    Click to buy at http://bit.ly/2Xim4J1 | USJ pass with day 1 entering from 3 pm onwards, and the whole day for day 2
  3. Universal Studios Japan™ 2-Day E-Ticket
    Click to buy at http://bit.ly/2SUAd0n | USJ pass for 2 consecutive whole days
  4. Combo: Universal Studios Japan™ 1-Day Ticket + Nankai Limited Express Rapi:t Ticket
    Click to buy at http://bit.ly/2GYd46k | Saved up to 27% purchasing USJ pass with Airport round trip ticket <-> Osaka City
  5. Combo: Universal Studios Japan™ 1-Day Ticket + Osaka Amazing Pass
    Click to buy at http://bit.ly/2V7wQ2S | Purchasing USJ pass with the Osaka Amazing Pass for those who want to travel in downtown Osaka at popular locations, and use unlimited subway services.
  6. Combo: Universal Studios Japan™ 1-Day Ticket + Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan Ticket
    Click to buy at http://bit.ly/2Tb1QBM | Saved up to 33% purchasing USJ pass with Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan ticket

2.) Express Pass 4 and Express Pass 7

This Express Pass is perfect for people who want to ride all the attractions. They are categorized into Express Pass 4 and Express Pass 7. Each one is sorted by the related categories. For example, Express Pass 4 is to experience the top 4 must-see rides which divided into Express Pass 4 – Standard, Express Pass 4 – Minion Ride, and Express Pass 4 – Flying Dinosaur. In my opinion, it’s not much of a difference. But each of these Express Passes is definitely included Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey™ express ticket which many people looking forward to it. The remaining other 3 allow you to choose what you want to play most, ride such as Minion Ride or Flying Dinosaur, the standard will change according to the season that theme park is customized. Like now, it will be Lupin the 3rd Car Chase XR Ride.

⚡️If you don’t have any of Express Passes, the highlight rides are needed to stand in a queue at least 60 mins, or the peak will be up to 120 mins (it’s true, I see it with my own eyes). Express Pass 4 and Express Pass 7 are being sold in limited quantities each day. For safe and prevent mistakes, it is advisable to buy in advance about 15 days before the date of Universal Studios Japan (USJ) entry. // In conclusion, if you don’t have an Express Pass, there is no way you can complete the highlight rides.

As for me, I chose the Express Pass 7 – Flying Dinosaur. Because honestly, I wanted to play all the highlights to reflect it in this trip review. Including describing the feelings on each ride for those who won’t buy an Express Pass or buy only an Express Pass 4 to read and make the right decision.

To purchase Express Pass 4 and Express Pass 7, the links are provided below;

  1. Express Pass 4 – Universal Studios Japan
    Click to buy at http://bit.ly/2Nm0RcF
  2. Express Pass 7 – Universal Studios Japan
    Click to buy at http://bit.ly/2GEejrY

3.) USJ VIP Wristband Special Entry

If you want to enter Universal Studios Japan (USJ) approximately 10-20 mins before other visitors, to have more preparation time and rush to the favorite attraction. I recommend buying the USJ VIP Wristband Special Entry which join-purchasing with the Osaka Harukas 300 Observation Deck on the Osaka tallest building. I think the price is quite high. But if you seriously want to accomplish all the attractions. BUY IT NOW!

⚡️ For people who buy USJ VIP Wristband Special Entry + Harukas 300 Observation Deck tickets, you have to go up to the viewpoint of Harukas 300 building before the day you go to USJ to pick up the wristband + password paper, to check the time and location of the VIPs on USJ official website. If you don’t go to Harukas 300 first, then it means your wristband purchasing is in a wasted fashion, so plan your trip carefully. > Click here to buy USJ VIP Wristband Special Entry

4.) Universal Studios Japan (USJ), JPY 5,000 Shopping Coupon

Many people may be confused, what is it? Is this really available? Well, it is. If any of you think that you definitely have to buy Universal Studios Japan (USJ) souvenir back home. Make a purchase of this shopping coupon via the KLOOK website. They will sell a 5,000-yen coupon. If you convert it to USD currency, you’ll get about 1.9 – 3.1 USD cheaper depending on the range and currency at the time. And if anyone gets more KLOOK discount code, the price is further reduced. You might get USJ cute items at a lower price than the actual price.

There are advantages and disadvantages. The coupon you redeem, it will come as a piece of paper as 5,000 yen business card size. If you don’t buy 5,000 yen in one receipt. The store will not change in cash. You can buy more and paying extra cash. But if you buy less, you’ll lose all the remaining balance. This is the disadvantage that must be mention first. Boo-hoo

> Click to buy coupon for shopping at Universal Studios Japan (USJ) 5,000 JPY

Let’s Get Started with Universal Studios Japan (USJ)!

Oi, so much of the introductions + the info is really packed. Let’s start traveling to Universal Studios Japan (USJ). If you guys don’t have USJ VIP Wristband Special Entry, then enter the normal entrances. For those who own it, line up at the right-most entrance which shows ‘Studio West’, you’ll get inside 10-20 mins faster than a general visitor. Now, if you pass through the gate. Hurry and run!

Which one you want to go for. Just head there, go for it. Most people rush running to the Harry Potter zone first. But I didn’t run there because I held the Express Pass 7 that had a specific time for attending Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey™ in 4K3D. so, I went to Hollywood Dream The Ride instead.

For people who hold Express Pass 4 or 7, and want to play the fav ride for twice. I suggest you head there after passing through the theme park gate because for the first time of riding, you don’t need to use the Express Pass to play (I’ll tell you why later), but the second time, yeah… just uses it. So you’ll be able to play your fav for 2 rides.

Okie so here’s the order of attractions I rode. How good is each one? How thrilling? Should you play it or not?  Let’s check the answer now!

Hollywood Dream The Ride

Hollywood Dream The Ride was the first attraction I rushed to play after entering the gate. At first, I acted big by showing the Express Pass to the Staff. But he said, ‘you don’t have to use it now, not many people line up yet.’ So I kept the Express Pass right away LOL.

From the first moment, I walked without knowing any better. Once I awoke, I was already on a roller coaster of Hollywood Dream The Ride. Of course, I screamed out loud. It is a roller coaster with a 7/10 level of sensitivity which comes from time to time. The rail length is so long that we can experience a lot throughout the riding. Overall, I like it. The roller coaster may look cute but the excitement is considered valid. I really like it!

The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man The Ride 4K3D

The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man The Ride 4K3D is similar to Transformers: The Ride 3D at Universal Studios Singapore (USS). Seriously, it’s almost the same. Just changing the story and movie to the Spider-Man instead. If asking whether is it fun. For those who previously play Transformers in Singapore. The enthusiasm for playing this attraction may be less exciting and enjoyable.

But if you have never played both of them before, I confirm this is fun and exciting. You will be dragged into the middle of an adventure among Spiderman fighting with villains. There is a falling building by illuminating the 4K3D screen. In conclusion, it is another attraction you should not be missed. For me who enjoys thrilling rides in amusement parks, the excitement is at a medium level.


Backdraft is based on the movie with the same title ‘Backdraft’, created in 1991 (I was just born), after going in the attraction, they will let you see the 3 settings, each setting will tell a story in the movie revolving with fire. The first two settings are normal, almost without any fire effects, nothing to be excited, and the movie clips they are shown on the screen are in the Japanese language. Until reaching the final one where it is fully organized. There are bombs, flames, fires, and water bombs. In the final scene-setting, I must admit that it’s amazing and well-done.

For me, Backdraft is quite disappointing. Overall, it is a bit boring. Only the last scene is given you the full-excitement, but before reaching that scene, you will take quite a long time. So if you don’t have Express Pass or no enough time, you can pass it. But whoever has Express Pass and must choose Backdraft with another attraction. This might have to be considered whether the other choice is better LOL.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™

Come and have a look at the highlight zone such as The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™ which is the hot spot among people who visit the theme park here. From what I read in many other reviews, there is the need to press for a queue ticket to enter the zone. But from the time I got there (February 14, 2019), there was no longer a queuing management system. You can walk in-out anytime which is a bit confusing LOL. (However, if you want to make sure if there still a queuing machine, try reading another review for confirmation.)

When attending the Harry Potter zone. Here, I can say it felt like I was living in another world… like I really stepped into the movie. From the pine forest at the entrance / King’s Cross Station No. 9 ¾ / various magic villages with a decorative item from the movie which is movable, and the essential Hogwarts Castle. Overall it made the atmosphere magical.

Of course! Entering this zone is all about taking pictures, and a pleasurable feeling to walk into the various shops. I got a 4,900-yen Gryffindor scarf. There is also a magic wand of every Harry Potter character whose these wands will be further separated as the normal souvenir and the magic features you can enchant with the inside attractions. Yeah, money burned a hole in my pocket LOL!

Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey™ in 4K3D

For the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey™ in 4K3D is set in and around the magnificent Hogwarts Castle. The Express Pass is a specified time when you should play the attraction. You just come on time. Honestly, before coming here, I didn’t really know much about the Harry Potter zone and didn’t even get a picture of the rides here, haha.

At first, you will walk into Hogwarts Castle and experience the environment inside which I must admit, they’re doing a good job in decorating the castle, including using a holographic display of the chosen characters, it looks like the real person. And my personal impression is a magical portrait of professors that hanging on the inner wall, it’s moving just like in a movie, this is very smooth. When I moved to stare closely, the texture of the moving portraits looks like a painting on canvas. I didn’t even notice it is a screen. Wow, this is astonishing!

The ride of Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey™ in 4K3D is surprisingly good and favorable. The seat moves higher and higher, swaying, then taking us to a large 4K3D screen and various models decorating around. The experience while riding can be expressed as exciting, frightened, and thrilling. It gives you a full-fledged sensation. This is awesome! It’s a must-play attraction.

Flight of the Hippogriff™

Flight of the Hippogriff™ is a roller coaster that is more suitable for children than adults. Children may be excited. But ‘WE ’as an adult would be just chill and sitting back and forth. It’s fun and enjoyable, but it’s a pity that the roller coaster track is rather short. In a minute, it’s all done! Hey, I was not feeling anything yet. 😅

Jurassic Park The Ride

Jurassic Park The ride is like a boat tour to the dense jungle of the dinosaur world which kids will be excited about. Because there are large dinosaur models moving, if you keep going, there is also a Jurassic Park area that arranges the same scene as in the movie. The climax of Jurassic Park The Ride is nearly at the tip of the boat track which is a little tense. Besides, if you sit in the right spot. You’ll surely get wet LOL. // Overall, I like it.

The Flying Dinosaur

One of the greatest rides for me is the Flying Dinosaur, a roller coaster that retains a rider in the prone position, the fly is at high speeds with the dinosaur leading the procession. There is a series of loops and corkscrews. This made me screaming so loud until my throat hurt. then, I tore down instead. 😂

I want to say the Flying Dinosaur is a real deal and considered as the most thrill attraction at Universal Studios Japan (USJ). It was a shame that I got to play this only one round with the Express Pass. When I planned to queue again, I regretted wasting 2-3 hours to line up which was so crazy! If I could turn back time, after the theme park was open, I would rush over here to play the Flying Dinosaur first, boo-hoo.

Minion Park

Minion Park is another adorable and colorful zone. Believe it or not? USJ here is proudly the largest Minions-themed attraction in the world.

There are many cute minions-theme stalls which sell various kind of souvenirs, collectibles, foods, including game facades. The attraction that should not be missed in this park is the Despicable Me Minion Mayhem. I confirm the park is another incredibly cute zone impacting mostly for a girl visitor!

Despicable Me Minion Mayhem

My last ride in Universal Studios Japan (USJ) was Despicable Me Minion Mayhem that shows us a story of a human (a rider) who transforms into an actual Minion. The ride will take us into Felonious Gru’s Laboratory which describes as the place he turns our body into Minion body form.

Each scene on the ride is identical to the Minion animation and game. The whole things are just great! It’s not a heart-stop thrilling ride like a roller coaster, but it has a story plot and features the 4K3D screen on the attraction. My fav part of Despicable Me Minion Mayhem is; an English subtitle on a motion picture, allowing us to understand the whole story. Well, in short summary… you must play this!

The Ascending Order of My Favorite Attractions

All the rides at Universal Studio Japan (USJ) are quite good and remarkable. I myself prefer riding on the thrilling attraction. So, the list I make below is my top favorite attraction to the least favorite one.

  1. The Flying Dinosaur
  2. Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey™ in 4K3D
  3. Hollywood Dream The Ride
  4. Despicable Me Minion Mayhem
  5. The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man The Ride 4K3D
  6. Jurassic Park The Ride
  7. Flight of the Hippogriff™
  8. Backdraft

In conclusion, I played on 8 attractions, there were 3 attractions I intended to use the Express Pass but finally, I didn’t need to use it on Hollywood Dream The Ride / The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man The Ride 4K3D / Jurassic Park The Ride because they were opened in less than an hour (After the entrance opening times), so while I was riding on these 3, most of the visitors remained in the Harry Potter zone which made the other attractions had a few people lined up for.

⚡️ From all these plays I experienced, I would like to suggest that buying Express Pass 4 might be enough, the pass with 4 specific times on whether it be Harry Potter or the other zones, you just hit those targets on time. Then, for the rest that excludes from the Express Pass, you should run for all of them within the first hour after the theme park is open.

Actually, there were other attractions that I didn’t ride on because it was closed for maintenance such as JAWS, Space Fantasy, and Hollywood Dream – Backdrop, the Backdrop is similar to Hollywood Dream The Ride but it’s a running backward roller coaster version. Apart from that, each month, Universal Studios Japan (USJ) will hold a special event that has the rides altered often, such as the COOL JAPAN where introduces the attraction like Lupin the Third: Car Chase XR Ride. Judging by the look. I cried out like OUCH, then skipped to the next one immediately because the queue was so long, I had to wait up for at least 3 hours. OFC, I GAVE UP!

Hogwarts™ Magical Night

Lastly, before heading home, to complete this Universal Studios Japan: USJ visit, who comes during this period until February 28, 2019. USJ will arrange the winter light-up event on the magnificent Hogwarts Castle. I tell you; the whole image was so amazing. Many people tended to miss it because they didn’t know there was a light-up show as well.

For those who come after February, you can check further events and shows details through Universal Studios Japan: USJ Website. But if I’m not wrong, I think the regular night show should probably be Universal Spectacle Night Parade – The Best of Hollywood.

รีวิวสวนสนุกทั่วโลกจาก HASHCORNER 💛💙🧡

ส่วนตัวเป็นคนที่ชอบเล่นสวนสนุกมากกกกก นี่ก็พยายามจะเก็บและเอามาเขียนรีวิวให้ทุกคนได้อ่านกันเนอะ สำหรับใครที่มีแพลนไปเที่ยวสวนสนุกที่ไหนตามลิสด้านล่างนี้ คลิกอ่านรีวิวได้เลย นี่เขียนจัดเต็ม และโคตรละเอียด 5555

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ภูมิภาคคันไซ (Kansai Region)

1. รีวิว โอซาก้า (Osaka)
2. รีวิว Universal Studios Japan (USJ)
3. รีวิว เกียวโต (Kyoto)
4. รีวิว นารา (Nara)
5. รีวิว โกเบ (Kobe)
6. รีวิว ฮิเมจิ (Himeji)
7. รีวิว อิเสะ-ชิมะ (Ise-Shima)  กำลังเขียน .
8. รีวิว อิกะ อุเอโนะ (Iga Ueno)  กำลังเขียน .
9. รีวิว อะซุกะ (Asuka)  กำลังเขียน .


ภูมิภาคชูบุ (Chubu Region)

10. รีวิว คานาซาวะ (Kanazawa)
11. รีวิว ชิราคาวาโกะ (Shirakawa-go)
12. รีวิว ทาคายาม่า (Takayama)


ภูมิภาคคิวชู (Kyushu Region)

13. รีวิว ฟุกุโอกะ-ดาไซฟุ (Fukuoka-Dazaifu)
14. รีวิว นางาซากิ (Nagasaki)
15. รีวิว ยูฟูอิน (Yufuin)
16. รีวิว คุมาโมโตะ (Kumamoto)
17. รีวิว ภูเขาไฟอะโสะ (Mount Aso)
18. รีวิว ทาคาชิโฮ (Takachiho)



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