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Da Lat, Vietnam, is a city located at an altitude of 1,500 meters with good weather. There are the meander roads among the mountains and pine trees, including a beautiful lake and many attractions to visit whether it’s in the city or outskirts where natures resemble European scenery. Well, I don’t want to give too much hint, I recommend reading this travel guide review and reserve the ticket to Da Lat straightaway. As a matter of fact, I want to revisit as well, even though I travel for 4 days, I can’t reach all of the determining attractions. ❤

From Airport to Da Lat City

Da Lat airport is quite small. For those who plan to buy an internet SIM there, it is unavailable for sale at the time I visited, you have to buy it once you get into the city. The access from the airport to Da Lat, it’s recommended to take a taxi if you have companions up to 3-4 people. But traveling alone or with only a single buddy, taking the Shuttle Bus is a better choice!

Shuttle Bus

If you conclude to take the shuttle bus to leave the airport. You’ll find a minibus that parks in front of the terminal building. There will be a staff waiting to provide services. The price to enter the city is 40,000 VND or about 1.8 USD. The bus will leave only when the seats are fully occupied. The passenger drop-off stations are at the Ngoc Phat Hotel, located behind the Big C mall. And on the road near Da Lat market in the heart of the city. After that, you have to find a way onward. No transportation direct to your hotel. For the shuttle bus return journey to the airport, let’s head straight to the Ngoc Phat Hotel as previously.

Taking a Taxi

If you travel in a group of 3-4 people, I suggest taking a taxi, tell a driver the destination and make an agreement. The contracted price should not be more than 220,000-300,000 VND, because if you don’t rent and choose to take a meter, the price will be increased to 440,000 VND. When I entered the town, I was riding a shuttle bus, but on the return trip, I requested the hotel to call a taxi, which all cost only 213,000 VND. Let’s check further with your plan. Here is just the price guideline.

Getting Around in Da Lat

During my visit, I saw buses giving service within the city, but I couldn’t recognize where the bus stop is. Or where does it head to? Then, I came to realize that there are two convenient options for tourists to travel in the city: Motorbike Rental, and taking a Taxi or Taxi Service Rental.

Rent a Motorbike

If you can ride a motorbike, it is recommended to rent it for convenience. Most of which can be rented to the hotel you stay in; the hotel mostly includes this service. To select your vehicle, it’s advisable to look for a good condition, if you’re familiar with automatic transmission, inform them right away. Perchance, they don’t have one for you, don’t worry, they will call other rental stores and arrange it properly. And this is an important reminder, if you have plans to ride a motorbike, please look for travel insurance, in case of an accident or unforeseen circumstances.

※ Motorbike rental, daily rates around 120,000-150,000 VND. This rate is a full day rental since morning (pick-up) till night (returning).

Taxi / Car Rental / GRAB

For those who cannot ride a motorbike, Taxi is the answer for you! The taxi here is very cheap, the starting price of each color taxi is different. Green cars will start at 7,000 VND or about 0.31 USD. White, yellow, or other colors will start at around 5,000 VND or about only 0.22 USD. Based on my rides, traveling within the city of Da Lat, taxi prices cost around 15,000-25,000 VND or 0.65-1.1 USD only. It’s so cheap!

※ You may be wondering, ‘what taxi color should I get on?’. Many people confirm that green is the best. But from my 3-4 car color rides, the prices are almost the same. Let the driver use the meter is considered logical, if he ignores to use the meter or asks for hire, just don’t go with him.

Aside from the regular taxis, there is also the GRAB application, which you can call the motorbike taxi or the car taxi on the app conveniently. If you use the GRAB app regularly in your country, you don’t have to redownload the app as it is automatically changed to the Vietnam version depends upon location-based. The GRAB price is a bit more expensive than a regular taxi due to service charges, however, you can assure that you wouldn’t get a scam because the standard price is calculated via the app.

Tuyệt Tình Cốc

From the first moment I saw an image of Tuyệt Tình Cốc on Instagram, I was crying out like a maniac + a bit surprised that Da Lat has a place like this. The point is, it is a new Da Lat tourist destination that Vietnamese teenagers want to go to take some stylish photographs and post it on Instagram. With a desire to visit Da Lat, then I had to arrange a travel plan and included this attraction in. At the time, there were no reviews in Thailand written about this place, so here, I’ll write in detail for you to read and follow my road map. Based on my research, the route to Tuyệt Tình Cốc (literally means ‘Fantastic Cup’) is unexpectedly brutal.

Tuyệt Tình Cốc is an old quarry that has been abandoned for quite some time. The seen clear blue-sky water comes from the rain that has long-term accumulated. Well, I also suspect, is the water poisonous? But I saw many local teenagers dipping their feet to take pictures. It might be okay. LOL

To get to Tuyệt Tình Cốc, type this Vietnamese title on Google Map (click to view here), and then, ride the motorbike for about 25 km (click to see the Google Map location). There will be a separate surface on the left, which when I rode there. The native guided me to park around the shop over there in case of proposing to continue to Tuyệt Tình Cốc, after that, take a jeep or a 4wd from the villagers up forward because they forbid travelers to bring their own motorbike, the road is red mud with a stream to cross over. Bikes aren’t suitable for a track like this. The jeep will come around to pick-up and drive upward. You have to take another half an hour at a distance of 5 km. The car I went up with was driving so fast, my body bouncing around, and I felt my intestines nearly disappeared. Hahaha

The color of the water in this picture is real. If you don’t believe it, then, take a look at the video + the rough access.

Tuyệt Tình Cốc (เตือตตินห์ก๊ก / เหมืองแก้วน้ำ)

To get to Tuyệt Tình Cốc, type this Vietnamese title on Google Map
(or click to view at, https://goo.gl/maps/uZ5hKzSe2r42)

and then, ride the motorbike for about 25 km (click to see the Google Map location https://goo.gl/maps/v5b6Wwjev1G2) There will be a separate surface on the left, which when I rode there. The native guided me to park around the shop over there

after that, take a jeep or a 4wd from the villagers up forward because they forbid travelers to bring their own motorbike, the road is red mud with a stream to cross over. Bikes aren’t suitable for a track like this.

The jeep will come around to pick-up and drive upward. You have to take another half an hour at a distance of 5 km. The car I went up with was driving so fast, my body bouncing around, and I felt my intestines nearly disappeared. Hahaha

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When arriving at the destination, you’ll reach the old quarry, wherewith now is a chic tourist attraction for photography, the place overview is not small or not large either. The water is blue turquoise as it shows in the picture, which is not turbid but it should be deep considering when I looked down into the water, I saw only blue without any fish, no living things at all. The popular photo spot Vietnamese teenagers prefer taking pictures with is to stand on a raft that can be pushed out of the shore. You can pose, snap a photo, then, upload it on Instagram. But… you have to put so much effort into queuing to get a nice-cool photo shot.

Another favorite spot is to sit in the tree swing on the other side. In brief, the overall atmosphere of Tuyệt Tình Cốc is pretty good. You’ll get numerous amazing pictures. But this attractiveness is appealing like a human-made, props are arranging for taking photos, such as a raft or a swing. Nevertheless, you can’t deny, the place is still a stunning visual. The photoshoots I posted on social media were received a good response. My followers were surprised and asked where is this place in Da Lat. 😍

※ The expenses of coming to Tuyệt Tình Cốc: motorbike parking fee 10,000 VND + 4wd car ride fee of 100,000 VND/person + an entrance fee of 25,000 VND/person = 135,000 VND or approximately 6 USD/person

On the way back from Tuyệt Tình Cốc, there are many great places to stop by. But when I got out of there, it was quite late already, so I hurried head forward to Da Lat city because I was afraid it would be dangerous, the road doesn’t have street lights. Finally, there was one stop along the way. There is the semblance of a meadow with a pine forest in the background. It looks amazing! I couldn’t believe I was standing in Vietnam where I get used to. It’s really beautiful.

Garden Hydrangeas

Flower lovers or tourists who enjoyed lovely flora and lush verdure. In Da Lat, there is such a place to refresh your energy, Garden Hydrangeas is worth visiting, as the weather in Da Lat is quite cold, the garden will blossom hydrangeas throughout the year. But the extremely blooming period with countless flowers is recommended attending at the year-end. Whichever months depending on your comfort, you’ll definitely see the spread-wide flowers!

To approach there, you have to come out about 10 km east of Da Lat. You can ride a motorbike, or take a taxi, it’s up to your preferred choice. Upon arrival, you have to pay an entrance fee of 30,000 VND or about 1.5 USD.

Garden Hydrangeas in Da Lat are terraced gardens that descend upon the hill. Between the bushes is paved a small path you can enter to take pictures. Or at some point, they set a high ladder and allow guests to climb up to sit and take pictures as well. Since the start, I thought this was just a flower garden to sell flowers. But it turns out to be one of the tourist attractions.

During my visit, there were only female visitors that caused me to feel a bit awkward and embarrass when I walked-in to shoot some photos. The image must be slightly conflicted with a guy embraced by the delicacy of flowers. LOL

The Juice Bar – Sunny Farm

Enroute between Garden Hydrangeas and the city of Da Lat is suggested stopping by The Juice Bar – Sunny Farm, where is a cute cafe offering many chic photo spots, as well as the wonderful perspective of Da Lat city. Again, the decoration is very cute! The cafe sells coffee drinks and fruit smoothies only. No food for sale. Even though there is not much of a menu but the coffee is freshly good, inexpensive, with a lot of corners for photo capturing.

The nice taking photo corners range from the cafe interior, a small marquee, sitting on a steel bench to indulge the scenery, a row of the cottage where you can buy drinks to sit and chill in the cottage, including the maple tree (the artificial one, hahaha). The photo result was resembling the Korean Series setting. LOL. The cafe provides too many photo props. If you want to have the fun of shooting here and there. You should come and try it out!

Cối Xay Gió

Cối Xay Gió is a Banh Mi bread (French Vietnamese sandwich bread) shop. It’s the must-eat when traveling to Da Lat. After eating a lot of Banh Mi bread, personally, this shop is the number one! Besides bread, they also sell gourmet coffee. Yeah, they are fully supplying. Cối Xay Gió has many branches, you can eat at any store if you only focus on eating.

However, if you want to eat and get a photo posting on Instagram, then come to Cối Xay Gió, a branch near the Da Lat market. It is another reason why travelers like to hit the Cối Xay Gió store there, the signature yellow wall of this bakery is well-known photo spot, many people have to wait up in a long line to snap photos with this backdrop. Count me in too! LOL

Lam Vien Square

Those who pass by in the city of Da Lat, OFC, you have to pass through Lam Vien Square, because this place is the city center where teenagers meet up with friends. The prominent feature here can be observed from the two domes that mimic flowers, one is the sunflower dome with a Big C supermarket on the ground floor.

Teenagers are everywhere, it’s like they come to hang out, eating at the street shops selling on the ground, some people come to kite because the wind is strong here, another big group meeting to skate. Lam Vien Square is assuredly a meeting place for Da Lat teens.

Aside from the sunflower dome, the other is the Atiso dome, a winter flower planted in Da Lat. This dome will be a cafe named Doha Cafe where local teenagers like to take pictures with. I also came to take pictures only, didn’t get in to eat or drink at all.

Domaine De Marie Church

The church was initially constructed in 1940 when Vietnam was still a French colony. Up until now, the Domaine De Marie Church still stands and is an important Catholic church in Da Lat. Moreover, this place has become a popular tourist destination for Vietnamese teenagers. The visit purpose is not about praying, but they come to take pictures with the church since the environment, along with the church architect is not like being in Vietnam at all. It is similar to European territory. Anyone who has spare time should come to admire the features and take a charming picture

Secret Garden (Closed)

Please recheck: some followers went The Secret Garden and said that it’s already closed.

Secret Garden is another place where you have to travel out of town for a bit. From Da Lat to Secret Garden, the distance is about 12 km. It takes approx 40 mins on a bike ride. Once arriving, you have to pay the entrance fee of 50,000 VND per person, or about 2.2 USD (expensive?). After that, walk along the route to enter the Secret Garden.

Secret Garden is substantially an outdoor photo studio by employing places in the forest, also creating and inserting the extra props to make this natural studio become a popular location for a pre-wedding photoshoot.

With the late arrival, I was not taking a very long walk, since I was afraid the sky would get dark, having to ride a motorbike at night is risky. Consequently, I didn’t quite explore the area. The place overview is a creation for visitors to browse around and take aesthetic pictures. If you prefer 100% natural, this is not your answer. Because everything is a set up to take a photo particularly. Hahaha // If you just come to have fun + granting for a beautiful image on social media. It’s worth visiting.

UP Coffee Dalat

The best Da Lat cafe in my viewpoint is UP Coffee Dalat. At first, I didn’t know about this place. But unintentionally, a local teenager suggested that the place is very well-decorated with a provision of the Da Lat city scenic. You can sip a coffee along with enjoying all-embracing. Well, the locals recommended this, so I had no reason to deny approaching. Once I went there, I approved of the beautiful city view from UP Coffee immediately, but another cool thing is the cafe decoration is just as good. It’s positively favorable!

UP Coffee Dalat has 3 floors, the first floor is a place to order drinks + a balcony for customers to walk out and sightsee the Da Lat city. While the tables and seats are arranged on the 2nd-3rd floor, you can choose at your leisure. The atmosphere is indeed amazing.

As for a coffee, I think it is a good-standard. Hahaha, it’s enjoyable but not standout. If you wonder which order is good when it comes to drinking Vietnamese coffee, I rather ordering coffee with condensed milk, as it is the Vietnamese coffee signature. The condensed milk taste here is exotic, Condensed milk always tastes different in various countries. For this kind of stuff (food preference) is advised to try by yourself. 😂

Siting, relaxing, sipping drinks at UP Coffee is really good. I suggest coming in the evening until night time. So, you can see two moods of the Da Lat city view. ❤

Da Lat Market

The last traveling spot in Da Lat, if you don’t come here to explore around the Da Lat Market, surely considers a major failed in visiting here! Da Lat Market will start to set up the stall at dusk until late at night. The location is a collection of all things related to energetic, colorful, and busy. Winter clothes, hats, scarves, cloaks can be found here, it’s also very cheap. Take your time walking + buy affordable goods as you wish.

Apart from clothes, there are various foods to eat whether it is snacks or a big meal, such as hot pot, or barbeque. The price is not expensive, the vendors can communicate in soft or basic multi-languages according to a number of tourists from each country. In my case, I heard the Thai language inviting me to eat in their shop.

Things to try in Da Lat market is something that looks like a pizza + crepe. I don’t know what to call it, but it makes from the dough, then, sprinkle it with eggs and various sauces, then, roll like crepes. It’s very delicious. Another famous edible is the various beans milk selling along with bread to eat in a set. I told the vendor not to make the milk very sweet. It’s nice, feeling healthy too.

The fruits and vegetable zone is put up in a massive presentation, the noticeable is an Avocado set in a big basket. Strawberries are a lot. And the rare thing I haven’t seen much in Thailand is Artichoke. If you like to see foreign fruits and vegetables, coming for a survey is very exciting. It regards as the perfect closing for the Da Lat trip. YAY!

Accommodation + Recommended Hotels in Da Lat

To select an accommodation in the city of Da Lat, if a location is a major condition in terms of comfort, it’s advisable to stay in the city center, such as Da Lat market or the area near Lam Dong General Hospital, a bit further to the south of the hospital is regarded the city area where people are blooming, many foods to eat, bustling with vehicles. The disadvantage for guests who sleep early is the feeling of disturbance because it surrounds with a car horn, the sounds are chaotic and impactful! If you can endure it a bit. At 10 pm, people may all head back home. By the time, it will be completely quiet. LOL

For those who grant for peace or natural surroundings, then, look for the outside city center. Don’t worry about traveling because you can call a taxi or rent a motorbike. But don’t choose to stay in far distant areas or outskirts, otherwise, it’s seriously difficult to find a taxi.

Minn’s House

Minn’s House is not far from Da Lat Market. it’s also very close to the bus station of the Sinh Tourist. If you’re interested in traveling to other cities by this bus agency. It is very convenient. The accommodation here is super cute. It was a house that was refurbished into a homestay, decorated in warm, simple tones, combined with a little green tree, giving a warm-homey vibe. It’s definitely a pleasant stay.

The bedroom size may not be very large. But the bed is comfortable. The bathroom is a shared bathroom. // During my stay. I met people at the hotel, her name is Lily. She’s very lovely and helpful, she rode a bike to buy a SIM for me too. 😊

The room rate for 2 people at Minn’s House I got an offer from Booking.com was 21 USD / night. View rates and book Minn’s House, click on the link below to check and reserve through your favorite OTA right away.

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Nguyen Minh Hostel

Nguyen Minh Hostel may look ordinary. But all in all, it is excellent, especially value for money. I booked from Booking.com for only 9 USD per night. My original booking is the standard single bedroom but when I arrived there, I got an upgrade into a family room with two large beds. How lucky!!

Why would I like to recommend staying over this place? Besides the extremely cheap price, the room size is big, clean, providing a balcony, hot water, comfortable bed, and also includes breakfast. (With these full facilities and services, I’m quite curious where they gain the profit from? LOL). The location is also considered excellent, situated in the middle of the city. If you’re looking for good value accommodation. Indeed, here is the answer!

The room rate for 2 people at Nguyen Minh Hostel I got an offer from Booking.com was 9 USD / night. View rates and book Minn’s House, click on the link below to check and reserve through your favorite OTA right away.

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